Hello. I am Jesús Guerrero, and this is my personal home site. Here you will find many different things, mostly related to open source software in general, and Linux in particular. You will find lots of contents related to fvwm, my window manager of choice, as well as some Gentoo related material. This is just my playground, where I spend some time when I am bored (that hardly ever happens). You can also enjoy the links if my site doesn't suit you.

Corrections and constructive criticism is always welcome. If you need to contact me for any other reason you can do so as well using the link on the footer of every page on this site. Please, report any bug, broken link or whatever you consider a design flaw to the mail at the footer of the web page. I will try to fix the issues as fast as I can, as long as the problem is my coding.

I am not going to tell my whole life here, if you want to know some random things about me, you can use the relevant link in the menu to the left.

-.Some notes about this site.-

Some browsers that are known to work perfectly with this site are:

The text-based ones, of course, will look quite different. But I have made an effort to keep the site usable with as much different browsers as possible.

By extension, any Gecko based browser should work without problems, just like Seamonkey or Firefox. A couple of other Gecko based browsers are Kazehakase and Flock. Arora is Webkit based, just like Safari, however I haven't tested Safari itself, it should work I guess. Feedback on that regards is welcome.

The only version of IE that I tested has been IE6, don't even bother to report bugs about this browser. Whatever it is, it's the browser fault unless you can replicate it in some other browser that's not based on the IE engine. Bug reports about greater versions of IE are welcome and will be taken into account, and fixed if the problems is in my coding. However, I will not spoil the correctness of the code just to make IE happy.

There are a lots of browsers out there. You can take a look here for a list of web browsers, any report about a working browser is welcome, as is any report about any problem, so I can fix it.

The layout of the page is very simple, and should fit well on any resolution and browser. No special requirements there. I try to keep it simple and light, so dial up users can navigate it as well without much hassle.