Changing the huawei u8650 boot animation

Wed, 06/12/2013 - 13:35 -- admin

Not to confuse with my other article "Changing the huawei u8650 boot splash" hehe!

This time we are gonna change the boot animation, which is what appears after a little blink that we can see while booting, and until the very moment you are presented with the login (PIN) screen.

The file to change this time is /cust/yoigo/es/media/, its format is rather straightforward. It's a regular zip file (though its elements are uncompressed, just stored, more about that later). You can unzip it with 7z or with the unzip tool. Either way, you'll obtain a few directorios (part0, part1, part2) with some png files inside, and a file called desc.txt, which is what holds the info about how the frames are presented.

The yoigo stock desc.txt file is as follows:

Changing the huawei u8650 boot splash

Wed, 06/12/2013 - 12:28 -- admin

Hi again.

Let's change that annoying Yoigo logo. The responsible file in this phone is /cust/yoigo/es/logo/oemlogo.mbn, it took me a white to figure out how to deal with this in Linux, so I'll write it here so that I can refer back here when needed.

First, choose an image, edit it, do whatever, and make sure its size is 320x480px and it's in png format. The one displayed in this article is perfect for the task, besides being also yummy ;)_ Then, run this on your new image file:

$ ffmpeg -vcodec png -i imagen.png -vcodec rawvideo -f rawvideo -pix_fmt rgb565 oemlogo.mbn

You then need to put that file into your phone, concretely, as /cust/yoigo/es/logo/oemlogo.mbn. I suggest backing up the original file, just in case. After that, you will need to run this, also in the phone:

$ /system/bin/load_oemlogo

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