Frequently Asked Questions

Thu, 04/04/2013 - 16:58 -- admin
  • What web browser do I need to browser this site?
  • This web should function with any browser that mildly respects the w3c standards. I don't want to advertise any concrete browser here. If you have problems with a given browser just contact me and I will do my best to fix it, as long as the bug is in my site. I won't add random code snippets to this site if the only purpose of the snippet is to fix the behaviour of a browser that doesn't follow the standards, no matter how famous that browser is.
  • What screen resolution should I use?
  • This site has been made using the tools that CSS provides for adaptive styles. It should display just fine in either a big screen or a phone. If you have problems with a given screen size, just let me know and I will do my best to fix it. There's no mobile version of the site nor anything like that. It's always the same site, which adapts to the size of the display. You can check it by just resizing the window that contains your browser.
  • Is there a mobile/tablet/"random-fashion-toy-of-the-moment" of this site?
  • No, and there will never be. Read above.
  • Do you offer private consulting in this site?
  • I don't offer IT support here (and I never offer any implicit or explicit guarantee either). This site is maintained in my free time, just for the pleasure of it. I make no profit of it. I always do thing with the hope that they'll be of any use to anyone, but other than that I am not promising anything. If anyone wants to contact me for some professional agreement, of course, I am all ears.